Are we truly developing skills in the classroom?

Experts, employers, international and local authorities alike (OECD – OCDE, World Economic Forum, UNESCO, etc.) are highlighting the importance of developing the so-called transversal or lifelong learning skills (creativity, collaboration, communication, emotional management, etc.). Not only during our school years but also throughout our growth, as human beings. However, there is still a gap in terms of making this development happen, broadly and naturally.

Due to their transversal nature, we practise these key skills on multiple occasions. However, practise is only the first step towards acquiring the skill, and we shouldn’t stop here, otherwise, we lose the opportunity to develop them. As an analogy, we could say that no one becomes a good soccer or basketball player just by playing matches. Matches should trigger deliberate reflection and reflection should pave the path to correction.

At Edunexis we provide a low-effort path for schools and educators to introduce, develop and assess these essential skills.