Digital tools for competency based learning

Projects to drive competency-based teaching in the school and to develop digital competences. They allow for B1/B2 educator’s certification through in the classroom application.

Drive competency-based teaching in your school and develop and certify educators in the EU Digital Competences for Educators

A platform and AI tools to help integrate the development of 21st century skills and subject specific competencies in classroom teaching.
Creation & planning
Design and program learning situations, teaching unis and competency based activities.

AI powered.


Teach in the classroom, coach, gather evidences, assess, give feedback.
Personalisation & improvement

Generate reports, improve learners self-awareness and self-regulation, personalise and improve the teaching-learning processes.


Creation & Planning

Educators design, plan and/or adapt learning situations, teaching units and activities that combine transversal competencies with subject specific contents and objectives. They do it with the help of an AI model. The model also connects them to the relevant competency framework. Learning situations can also incorporate specific themes. 

Competency framework

skills / competencies

Clusters and Practices

Key competencies

School values

Critical thinking

Creative thinking



Information literacy

Media literacy



Subject specific competencies


Language and Literature




Foreign Language

Physical Education


Learning situations

Design & plan learning situations

Create competency
based activities
Link activities to subject specific competencies

Sustainable Development Goals

Digital Competency (educator & learners)




Educators bring learning situations and activities into the classroom, to both cover curricular contents and develop competencies. Through GRownTH, they gather evidences, give feedback and assess learners.

Experience, reflection, feedback and (self)assessment define the learning cycle. Learning arises from reflection on experience. Feedback and evaluation guide it and help make it visible. Reflection, feedback and evaluation lead to self-regulation.


Visible practice of skills and competencies

Can be pesonalised according to learning styles

Evidence capture


Metacognition to…

… reinforce and strengthen the learning

… foster self-regulation

From lower level to higher level thinking

Feedback and Assessment

Learner self-assessment and assessment by educator

Transversal skills and subject specific competencies

Customisable rubrics

Feedback visible across educators


Personalisation & Improvement

Learners and educators can see their competency development progress. The school can send competencies reports to families, to make efforts visible and to enrich the discussion between families and school. Learners and educators gain insight into their traits and strengths, driving self-awareness and enabling education personalisation. Learning analytics help improve the teaching-learning process.


Transversal skills, key competencies, and subject related competencies.

Regulatory compliance.

Reports for families.

Traits and Strengths

Self-awareness and self-regulation.

Learning styles.

Education personalisation.

Learning analytics

Cognitive development and maturity.

Self-awareness and self-esteem.

Emotional well-being.

Continuous improvement of teaching methods.

GRownTH and…

… the school

Easily integrate lifelong learning skills and competencies in the daily classroom activities.

… the educators

Introduce a different way of teaching. Have a different type of conversation with your students.

… the learners

Learn valuable skills, both for the school as well as for your future professional and personal life.

… the parents

Discover and learn about qualities and values in you kids beyond the report card.

GRownTH at work

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SEK Lab VI edition (2021)

Finalist – most innovative educational experience 2021

Finalist – 3rd open call (2021)

Finalist – Socio-emotional learning spotlight (2021)

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