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Our qualified team of professionals and collaborators, with extensive experience in their respective fields, provide the support the schools and educators need to test and expand the lifelong learning skills solution.

We have the passion to support educators enabling the learners to reach their full potential, ambitions, and aspirations.

Ricard Gras

Founder & CEO

Luz Olmos

Co-founder & Director of Content

Jorge Castrillo


Suresh Sekar


Anjna Patel

IT & Quality Assurance Lead

Why Edunexis


Develop your lifelong learning skills.

Get access to skills and contents assessments in real time.

Develop awareness of mood, strengths and development needs.

Create an ePortfolio.


Develop your lifelong learning skills.

Easily use and tailor activities and projects.

Apply 21st century approaches to teaching.

Access and track learners' progress.

Become an empowered and trusted facilitator.


Become aware of the lifelong learning skills profile.

Support adolescence transition.

Set your children up for success.

Encourage the multidimensional learning.


Adapt system to include elements of your mission and values.

Develop and track comprehensive 21st century learning methods.

Develop skills that will help learners initiate and navigate through life changes.

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